Debug and Profile CUDA

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Use NVPROF to profile CUDA codes

nvprof --print-gpu-summary program [args]

See CUDA object dump

If a program such as is compiled into an executable, named reduction, we can dump it using this command:

cuobjdump -sass reduction > dump.asm

Run NVIDIA Visual Profiler (nvvp)

  • Study this document to learn more about profiling.
  • To run nvvp on Windows you need to open it form the command line and pass the jvm address: nvvp -vm "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_261\bin\java.exe" In the time of writing this document (2020-10) nvvp doesn’t work with latest versions of Oracle jdk. Try installing previous versions.

Profile with Nsight Systems CLI

The basic command that provides most of the things you need:

nsys profile --stats true -o output your-application [arguments]

To profile mpi applications there are two options that produce different outputs:

nsys profile --trace=mpi,cuda,nvtx --stats true -o profile-output-file mpirun -np 2 ./application argument
# or
mpirun -np 2 nsys profile --trace=mpi,cuda,nvtx --stats true -o profile-output-file ./application argument

If you are using OpenMPI/4.0.3 you should add these options: --mca pml ucx --mca btl ^smcuda to mpirun in case you have errors.

# Complete command:
nsys profile --gpu-metrics-device=0 --trace=mpi,cuda,ucx,nvtx --stats true -o profile-output-file mpirun -np 2 --mca pml ucx --mca btl ^smcuda ./application argument

For more info, take a look at here

Profile with Nsight Compute CLI

To profile almost everything, here is what you need:

ncu --export output --force-overwrite --target-processes application-only \
  --replay-mode kernel --kernel-regex-base function --launch-skip-before-match 0 \
  --section ComputeWorkloadAnalysis \
  --section InstructionStats \
  --section LaunchStats \
  --section MemoryWorkloadAnalysis \
  --section MemoryWorkloadAnalysis_Chart \
  --section MemoryWorkloadAnalysis_Tables \
  --section Nvlink \
  --section Nvlink_Tables \
  --section Nvlink_Topology \
  --section Occupancy \
  --section SchedulerStats \
  --section SourceCounters \
  --section SpeedOfLight \
  --section SpeedOfLight_RooflineChart \
  --section WarpStateStats \
  --sampling-interval auto \
  --sampling-max-passes 5 \
  --sampling-buffer-size 33554432 \
  --profile-from-start 1 --cache-control all --clock-control base \
  --apply-rules yes --import-source no --check-exit-code yes \
  your-appication [arguments]

For more info, see here.